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Living WISEly Contest
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Living WISEly Contest

Did you hear?! We are having our first BIG contest for girls!

Until January 15, youth who identify as female between the ages of 14-16 can submit their application for our Living WISEly App Idea Design Contest. Living WISEly is an opportunity for teenage girls to apply their creativity to one of the most heavily discussed topics in today’s classrooms: SustainabilitySustainability refers to meeting your own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. There are four types of sustainability: human, social, economic, and environmental. 

We encourage participants to develop their own interpretations of sustainability and define it in any way they want. At this point in time where the need to create habits that support the well-being of our planet and beyond is so vital, we want to challenge you to come up with a design for your own App that either promotes or is related to the above definition of Sustainability in some way.

We have some fabulous prizes to give away, first place is $500 technology gift card!, so be sure to head to for full contest rules and eligibility.

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