Girls Get WISE Science Summer Camp

Join us for a week of hands-on science experiments, engineering challenges, technology activities and much more! 


The  Girls Get WISE Science Summer Camp is a week-long day camp that takes place at Mount Saint Vincent University every summer for the last 7 years. Girls spend the week engaged in fun STEM activities and have the opportunity to explore careers by chatting with local women working in a variety of STEM careers.

Due to Covid-19 our 2020 camps will be different than usual….we are going VIRTUAL!

The format is still being developed but we are aiming for online engagement for 1-2 hours each day, with some STEM activities being led by WISEatlantic staff and others by STEM experts. There will also be offline STEM activities that will be shared when we meet online. Our role model session will also still take place, just online!

The good news is that we are now able to offer this virtual camp experience FREE of charge! There is still a limited number of spaces however, so be sure to inquiry early!