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Teacher Resources
  • Brilliant Labs is a great website for teachers who are looking to increase the use of technology in their classrooms. Teachers can sign-up their class for the yearly Hour of Code, or look into new technologies for the classroom.
  • has a section specifically for teachers who want to introduce basic coding to their classrooms.
  • Computer Codeing for Kids, this site has a list of fantastic websites and programs that teach basic IT conepts and skills to students of all ages.
  • The Ultimate STEM Guide is a compiled list of 239 STEM websites, sorted into various categories including, cool STEM websites, STEM career resources, and STEM fun for girls.
  • STEM Women Are All Over It - is a fantastic pdf booklet produced SMLX Good, Inc, that features 51 women, from all over the world, that made their mark in STEM.
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography - Teachers can arrange a free guided tour of BIO May through August, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday by calling the BIO Tour Guides at (902) 426-4306
  • STEMjobs is a great website that has resources for teachers, counsellors, students on all things STEM career related! Also, students can take a quiz to see which STEM traits they have.
  • DNALC - This webpage is designed to help teachers and other professionals with teaching DNA. It has many resources they will help students explore DNA through 3D models.
  • The Explore Curiosity webpage is an arm of let’s talk science – for young girls. It also has valuable resources for teachers on which they can log in and find lesson plan designs and other information to teach their class.
  • First Robotics Canada has links to First Lego league and to where people can find out how to get involved.  First Lego League is for kids age 10-14. This webpage can direct teachers to contact information if they are looking on starting a robotics group on their school.
  • Robots East - This webpage is designed so students and teachers can learn how to become involved in Robots East and what it takes. Robots East is open to students in high school.
  • The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a webpage that is designed for teachers and parents. The webpage has great interactive tools that can help students learn about science. Teachers should check out the “For Educators” link as it has many interesting curriculum ideas.
  • Project Neuron - provides excellent information and lesson plans on integrating neuroscience topics and research into the biology classroom.
  • How to Smile - This webpage has high quality STEM informal activities for parents and teachers and can be sorted by grade level and cost. Along with the activities being sorted teachers can also search by cost of experiment, grade and subject. The webpage has interactive methods for teachers to teach students. It has many links and articles that focus on chemistry and ocean literacy.  It provides teachers with videos and experiments that will interest students of all ages. When entering the webpage click on “Ideas for Teaching” to get more information and class ideas. 
  • Science Friday is a great website that includes both video and sound clips of current science and math topics in the news. It also features short science demo's and fun science activities to do with your class!
  • Let's Talk Science - A resource webpage were students of all ages can learn and discover science. Let’s Talk Science is affiliated with the Nova Scotia Program, Youth in Science (YES).  When you get to the website make sure to click on the “programs and services” link.
  • Science 360 - This webpage is for students who are interested in science news. It has many interactive elements were students can watch videos and download apps that will directly help them with learning more about science. Teachers will also find this page useful as they can show the videos and share the information with their students.
  • Math Circles is an event run about ten times per year for local High School students and teachers at Dalhousie University. A typical event starts with a 30-minute mini-lecture followed by pizza and then a one to two hour lecture.The website gives dates of upcoming events and a contact if teachers are interested in having Math Circles come to their school for free.
  • Careers in Trades website has a special page for educators that includes information on apprenticeships, and pre-made presentations on trades for students.
  • Power Wheel is an organization that looks directly at renewable energy. Renewable energy is a form of energy that teachers are looking at teaching. This webpage gives teachers materials on renewable energy. It also has resource links were teachers can find more information
  • Sense about Science is a PDF file that allows teachers to explore science and to explain to their students what science is.  It looks at peer review and how peer reviewing is incorporated into science. This type of discussion would be useful for older students. There is also contact information if teachers would like more assistants.
  • Science Fair Info - This webpage is to help NS Youth, parents and teacher find information for Nova Scotia Yes Science Fair information .This webpage and all the information for the science fair program have been developed by Nova Scotia Youth Experiences in Science (NS YES!).  
  • Science Careers - This resource allows teachers and professional an insight on what is happening in science around Canada.
  • Successful STEM Education - This webpage focuses on helping teachers motivate students to enter STEM careers The webpage focuses on all grades from K (primary) - 12. This webpage gives all types of resources that teachers can bring forward in their classrooms.
  • The Climate Change Action Plan is provided by the Atlantic Science Links Association and is a interactive teaching supplement. It is designed to increase the understanding among young Nova Scotians and educators of the science and issues of climate change.
  • Visit Try Engineering for any of the resources about engineering that you may need!
  • Engineer Your LIfe is a great site all about exploring various engineering careers and reading bios of various engineers. Great resources for students as well as teachers/parents.
  • Teach Engineering is a great website that is full of lesson plans for grades K-12 to teach engineering concepts to students.
  • By middle school, girls are 25% less likely than boys to say they like taking the lead. Calling girls bossy is one of many things we do to discourage them from leading. Read Ban Bossy to learn how you can encourage girls to take a leadership role!
  • Visit Enabled Education for insights into STEM education, 21st Century skills, learning technology and educational trends.
  • Want to capitalize on students' love of their smartphones? Try integrating the use of these science apps into your lesson plans.





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