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Newfoundland Student Resources

  • The Let's Talk Science webpage has many interactive tools where students can gather information to help them with science. This is the direct link for the Newfouldland outreach site of Let's Talk Science.
  • WISENL - This webpage is designed to help direct women students and professionals  to science related activities and events in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • WRDC - This is the webpage for Techsploration Newfoundland. Students and women apprentices can find out information of how they can explore trades and technology in Newfoundland. The program focuses on all age groups. More information can be found on the webpage.
  • MUN - webpage to link to various science links for youth, including science sites and actvities and science fairs and science fair activities.
  • Women Apprentices - This website features information for women who are currently apprentices or for women interested in working in trades. Find out if a career in trades is a good fit for you!
  • Career Crusing - helps you navigate careers and provide you with information on the careers that might suit your skills and passions.
  • Eastern NL Science and Technology Fair - This science fair is an annual event that brings together over 300 of the best and brightest grade 7 to 12 science students of Eastern Newfoundland. To qualify for the fair, students will have already proven their skill in their school science fair


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